Avaya Breeze Learning Series

Avaya Breeze Learning Series: Learn from SPS Experts 

The Avaya Breeze platform brings a whole new level of innovation to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). To help our customers navigate through this, we have created a series of sessions designed to help you gain a more complete understanding of Avaya Breeze's place in the Avaya architecture, its current capabilities, the commercial model, and the roadmap going forward.

If you are interested in participating in any of these sessions, please contact Paul Gibbs, SPS Global Account Manager at pgibbs@spscom.com.

Session #1 – A Recap Overview & Update — Webinar | PDF
What is Avaya Breeze and how does it fit into the Avaya architecture? What Are Snap-ins? What is the Collabroatory, high-Level Commercial Model?

Session #2 – Oceana — Webinar | PDF
We will address several questions, including, what is Oceana and what are the various components. including channels, desktop, analytics? What is the vision and roadmap?

Session #3 – Avaya Work Assignment — Webinar | PDF
Learn how Avaya Work Assignment (AWA) snap-in for Avaya Aura Breeze is an extensible, highly scalable, highly available and resilient next generation work distribution system that assigns work to resources across the enterprise using a single universal resource pool model and attributes driven routing to achieve 1-1 matching of work and resources.

Session #4 – Context Store Snap In — Webinar | PDF
Avaya Context Store enables context-sensitive, real-time customer contact information to be updated from multiple sources and shared between the various touch points in the enterprise through which a customer passes. We will take a closer look at this and also how it provides organizations with the capability to track, collect, store and use contextual data for use in customer and team engagement solutions.

Session #5 – Avaya Engagement Designer — Webinar | PDF
We will review browser based visual designer for workflow design and automation. Learn how to quickly create applications with minimal Java or communications expertise. Create your own task types and dynamically add them into palette. Extensive, customizable palette to tailor and customize workflows and storing workflows in data grid for long running transactions (weeks, months)

Session #6 – CafeX and WebRTC — Webinar | PDF
We will review WebRTC technology broadly, including powerful use cases for customer care using over-the-top voice and video delivery. View two WebRTC-based applications, Live Assist, and Supervisor Assist, that leverage this technology and can be further integrated in to other APIs, including Breeze.

Session #7 – SMS/MMS Messaging and Voice Authentication, Friday, April 7th at 9:00 ET
We will cover how WEBTEXT connects Avaya contact centers and related business systems to customers’ cell phones via SMS text and MMS picture messaging, transforming the customer experience. WEBTEXT operates a global network of messaging gateways and has offices both in the US and Europe. Verbio’s Voice Authentication addresses increasing concerns about security and identity theft by authenticating users in a fluid way and unobtrusive.

Session #8 – Real-time Speech Snap-in, Friday, April 21 at 9:00 ET
Learn how the Avaya Real-Time Speech Snap-in for Avaya Breeze provides developers a consolidated set of APIs for real-time speech search and speech analysis. Use this Snap-in to integrate real-time speech search into your customer service applications and enterprise workflows. The Avaya Real-Time Speech Snap-in phonetics-based speech search combined with powerful, easy to use REST API services enable developers to create powerful applications for a variety of business uses.

Session #9 – Avaya Snapp Store Overview, Friday, May 5th at 9:00 ET
Avaya Snap-ins are modular, reusable code or capabilities that connect, enable, or facilitate a specific application’s action or outcome in your environment. Learn how developers simply “snap in” the code modules to immediately integrate new functions. We will also look at the Avaya Snapp Store and the various Snap-ins available for purchase.

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